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ioCounsel is a modern law practice service delivery model founded on the strength of a few core principles:

  • Inhouse attorneys take a client-centric, business-savvy approach to providing legal counsel;
  • Effective legal outsourcing service models allow clients of all sizes to achieve operational and economic benefits;
  • Alignment of interests makes for an efficient attorney-client relationship.

The ioCounsel approach differs from traditional law practice service delivery models by leveraging both diversity of legal experience and diversity of service model.

Inhouse attorneys bring a different perspective to the practice of law, a perspective based on years of experience working on business teams, managing internal resources as well as outside counsel, assessing risk, exercising judgment and making sound decisions alongside other members of executive management teams. Attorneys using the ioCounsel model are seasoned former inhouse lawyers with extensive previous experience and training at large law firms.

A properly designed legal outsourcing service model provides constant and ongoing access to subject matter expertise within a predictable expense structure. Resources are always available “on demand” and clients avoid unexpected peaks in legal expense. The ioCounsel model offers clients various service models based on need and utilization.

Incorporating mechanisms to properly align the economic interests of the service provider with the business realities of the client drives efficiency and incentivizes performance. The ioCounsel model employs various mechanisms to ensure proper alignment of interests.

Attorneys using the ioCounsel model pride themselves on their ability to differentiate their service offering from traditional law firms, leveraging significant corporate experience and economic flexibility to truly provide clients with a unique “inhouse outsourced” experience.

The ioCounsel model was developed by Goutham Reddy in 2010 and has been used to service multiple private and publicly-traded clients on temporary and permanent engagements at utilization levels ranging from 10% FTE to more than 150% FTE (multiple attorney solution). Goutham brought the model to Wilftek in 2018. 


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