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During the last 100 years, information technology has moved from academic exercises to proof of concept to industrial engine to personal toys to everyday necessities and now to the world’s communication backbone and nervous system. The growth in hardware, software, firmware, middleware, mobile applications and cloud-based systems over recent decades has created amazing opportunities. Wilftek counsels individuals and companies on legal issues in all stages and phases of information technology development, implementation, sales and consulting.

As information technology has matured, the publishing industries have been forced to re-invent themselves. Books, music, movies and other content may be written, published and distributed in multiple formats simultaneously. Almost all content may be easily revised, re-purposed, updated, distributed and infringed with astonishing speed. Wilftek represents authors, publishers and distributors.

Chemical companies face new challenges as legislation around the world and international treaties limit the mining, processing, distribution and disposal of chemicals. Wilftek counsels chemical companies for all of these issues.

Wilftek counsels providers of professional services, including technology developers and consultants across all industries.

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